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in a head-on collision in byron yesterday and last night in concord, a 21-year-old man riding a skateboard was hit and killed. a clayton woman hit the skateboarder at monument boulevard. police say the concord man was in the crosswalk when he was hit. he suffered major injuries and died at the hospital. they are still looking whether or not the traffic signal was working or drugs or alcohol were involved. >>> the byron highway in contra costa is reopened following a head-on accident that killed two people there including a young boy. the accident happened around 3:30 on the stretch of highway that crosses the california aqueduct. they swerved across the yellow line and smashed moot big rig. boy believed to be eight and nine died at the scene. the driver died at the hospital. >>> supreme court will review a suit challenging a federal defense of marriage act as well as prop 8 that bangs gay marriage. it will impact gay rights in the country. >> reporter: couples are getting married here but not same-sex couples. the decision was overturned in 2008 when they supported the ban on gay marriage.
county. sky 7 live now over a fatal crash on byron highway. >> there is a head on collision there.a 0sp california patrol confirming one person has died. witnesses say the victim looks like it might be a young boy around seven years old. the accident around 3:30 this afternoon. >> we have more still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00. we're going to take you on the reduyktnrpet for the premier of "the hobbit. >> tom brady with a new addition to the family. >> taking a look at traffic on the bay bridge now. it's really backed up. you can see if you don't have fast track you're going to be waiting to career the toll plaza. metering lights could be on here. so expect slow going on the bridge. stay with us. abc 7 news >>> want to bring you an update. a man climb hg this scaffolding. he has been secured at this point. police had him in custody. police say he was a suspect in telling officers the man kicked them and hit them with a skateboard this, is happening around construction site and pier 29. the impact of this has caused a traffic mess on the embarcadero. it shut down the embarcadero i
were involved. they have not arrested the driver. the byron highway in contra costa county is back open this morning following the head-on collision there that killed two people, including a young boy. sky 7hd flew over the scene yesterday afternoon t happened around 3:30 on the stretch of highway that crosses the automatic which duct. the driver of an 88 oldsmobile swerved over the yellow line and smashed into the big rig. a boy believed to be between 8 and 9 years old died at the scene and the driver from bay point died at the hospital. >>> the supreme court will review a suit challenging the federal marriage of act, it will impact gay rights in this country. here is mark matthews with more. >> couples of getting married here, just not same-sex couples. the groundbreaking decision was overturned by california voters in 2008 when they supported prop 8s ban on gay marriage. watching from the sidelines, one-half of the same sex couple, elizabeth chase. >> this isn't the first time i have watched a couple get married while talking about marriage equality in san francisco city hall. i've b
on byron highway about 3:20 yesterday afternoon. police say that a car crashed into a big rig truck. the chp said the truck driver noticed the car swerving right before the crash. >> he noticed the car, it's back behind me, started swerving back and forth and came across the double yellow line and hit the front of his truck. >> the driver of the car, a 21- year-old was airlifted to the hospital where she died. police say a young boy was also killed. he was in the backseat of the car and was eight or nine. the truck driver was not hurt. > heavy equipment is moving into move rocks off a napa county highway after a slide there. it appears half the hillside came down. the highway patrol said it wants people to avoid the area because the roads will be closed. >>> in sonoma, highway one will stay closed at least until next friday. the stretch of roadway was closed on wednesday after a section was damaged during the recent storms. at first there were report that the road would reopen yesterday but caltrans said that crews are still working on repairs, detours are currently in place. >>
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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